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A Complete Buyers guide which compares the top 11 DSLR Cameras for Video Recording - We cater to every budget from beginners to advanced high-end.
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Which one will be better for making high-quality videos? What factors to look for before buying the best DSLR camera for video? All your doubts will be cleared in this guide, but first, we will let you know the basics. DSLR is an abbreviation for digital single-lens reflex as these cameras utilize a special reflex design which makes them different from other digital cameras.

The design is created as such to allow light to pass through the lens, plus a mirror to join as the mechanism that delivers image or video to their built-in image sensor. This permits higher-quality and more advanced technology fixed into the camera. You might be thinking now that how does a mirrorless camera different from a DSLR. In mirrorless cameras, the light passes through the lens and the moves towards the image sensor, which permits you to see a glimpse of your image on the display screen.

The major difference is that the use of mirrors in a DSLR helps you to view what you are aiming to click, and this makes them bigger. On the other hand, mirrorless cameras do not have mirrors and thus are of a small size, allowing you to view what you are aiming at, on a display screen. Not only mirrorless cameras but there are other cameras as well which are available for clicking pictures and shooting videos like action cameras they are specific cameras with regards to their use..

If you are sure about buying one for yourself this season, then you have made the best choice so far. If you want to record for hours, you will have to press the record button again. DSLRs comprise an optical viewfinder which aids to connect you with what you are aiming at. It is also helpful when bright sunlight makes it tough to use the LCD screen.

With a DSLR in hand, high-speed shooting is possible because the camera can easily capture resolute moments with quick framing rates. The optical viewfinder, which we had mentioned in the previous point, also provides you with the benefit of high-speed autofocus to capture exciting movements and action. A DSLR camera is a great choice for you if you do not want to miss even a single second, be it when you are shooting young children, wildlife, sporting events, dance or play performances, etc.

The large sensors help to provide the best picture quality so that not even a single detail is missed. If you are wondering what flexibility has to do with how a camera functions, we are here to clear your doubts. Flexibility with regards to a camera means how well the device can handle a variety of situations.

With a DSLR you are allowed to choose from different lenses built for specific clicks, plus a variety of flash options. No comparison can be made with other kinds of cameras when it comes to aperture as DSLRs come with wide apertures and this feature comes with two big advantages.

First of all, the shutter speeds can be extended to the maximum because more light can pass through the camera. The other thing is, it allows you to control the depth of field in the pictures you click. Now that you have some idea about the basic functioning of a DSLR and how its features are different from other types of cameras, we can move onto another important section of our guide. The next section is about the factors you need to consider before purchasing the best DSLR camera for video.

Before you shortlist a few DSLR cameras and add to your cart without considering some important things you need to know, wait and go through this guide to know more before making any blunders.

11 Best DSLR Cameras for Video Recording: Buyer's Guide

There are many things that you need to keep in mind before investing your money in a DSLR — the video quality, lenses, extra accessories, etc. All these factors are listed in detail as follows:. The first step is to decide how much you will be willing to pay. This is the beginning step because an individual knows best about how much his or her pocket allows. There are a lot of options available today that can easily confuse you. How much you are willing to pay will determine the kind of model you will get.

If you keep going high up on the ladder, you will probably get top quality models with amazing additional features. It has always been like this; the sweeter you want it, the more sugar you will have to add. A lot of these DSLR cameras come with a standard lens that does function quite well for shooting videos.

If you are not going into some particular kind of shoot and know what you want, utilizing what comes with the package will work great for you. Those who do not care about fancy or advanced lens looks and instead want something to merely shoot their p videos with should invest in a budget-friendly convenient lens.

Buyer's guide - Digital SLR (DSLR) cameras

If you are still not clear, then you can read particularly more about DSLR lens and check out the next section of our guide where we will be reviewing some of the best DSLR cameras for video. There are many extra features that DSLR cameras boast, and those depend on your taste and what you require. There are different filters available, shooting modes, ISO, back focus, exposure compensation, highlight control, etc.

No matter whichever model you select, make sure you go through the manual and read up all about the additional features the model comes with. If there are any features that you feel are unnecessary, you can always you for some other model because the price drops if there are less extra features offered. This is one of the most important factors to consider while buying the best DSLR camera for video.

The standard cameras that come today offer p, and if not, they are not worth buying. If you can lay hands on a DSLR camera which offers up to 30 fps too, you have invested in a great one.

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But if you want to take it a step further and want something more high-tech, you can look at the compression kinds, digital processors and the kind of quality the specific model offers. There are many kinds of additional accessories that you may require once you get a hand of the DSLR camera. There are many accessories like video editing software to finally edit your videos, tripods, extra lenses, straps, camera bags, etc.

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If you are a novice and have recently started learning about shooting and photography, we suggest that you better read up on all the accessories which accompany a DSLR camera. Do note that some online sites and retail stores sell full camera packages which include all the important accessories. If you want something like that, you can always check out and know more.

This may sound silly to read at first, but some online retailers do not label the models they have on their websites as clearly as they ought to do. This may leave you confused, and you may have to work out yourselves to find out which model of a specific camera you are looking at on their site. To add more to such confusion, what some retailers do is that they name the models differently for selling in other countries.

You need to be careful of all that so that you do not end up buying a wrong model in all this confusion or end up paying more than what the market price is for the best DSLR camera for video.

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Now this one is for those who want to buy a new camera for their older lens or want just to utilize their older lens. You can do that because many new DSLR models work with older optics, though the situation can be different with each manufacturer.

CAMERA Buying Guide (Dec. 2018): Portraits, Sports, Wildlife, Vlogging

Other things like autofocus and metering function as expected. Massive amounts of damage can be caused if you mount E-S lenses on EF camera bodies. So make sure you check beforehand to not cause a damage anything. You may want to use lenses from a distinct mount on the latest body. It is quite possible, but note that some camera bodies are more accepting because of the differences in their physical designs. In the end, be sure to check if you have the lens-to-camera order correctly. People do like to change between camera systems at times, but it can be a little annoying if you necessarily need to sell the whole body and the lenses.

It is because of this that you need to think about future upgrades. It is a good idea to consider other products in the same range and look at other models you may want to upgrade sometime in the future. If you just check it once you may change your mind and may want to buy a different model with more upgrade options than the one you originally on your list.

Sometimes a few selected brands release lens plans to show how a system will progress in the coming years.

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  7. They even come up with lens names and expected arrival times of the new product. These are specifically useful for the latest systems with fewer lens options as it offers individuals more trust to invest in a system that is not fully constructed. Some brands just give a glimpse of what they will be launching in the coming months or years while announcing other products. Be alert to catch these announcements by manufacturers, and you will not be disheartened as you come to extend your device in the future.

    This is important to keep in mind before you finally buy the best DSLR camera for video.

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    Another thing which many people observe when buying and using a new camera with more megapixels is that their images lack some sharpness. The pictures may appear a little too soft or blurry. This is due to some reasons.