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A heroic dose of magic mushrooms is anything over 5 grams. The great psychonaut (someone who uses psychedelics to reach a higher level of consciousness and spiritual fulfillment) Terence McKenna describes a heroic dose of magic mushrooms as consuming 5 plus dried grams (
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The silence that is enhanced by the murmur of leaves, the dim light, a creaking branch that makes you look around where that deer is hiding… But sometimes a forest is like a fairy tale. Usually those are the rare moments when a few rays of sunlight manage to penetrate to the soft moss through a dense canopy.

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Lessons of Darkness Documentary War. Huie's Sermon TV Movie The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser Biography Drama History.

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But I experienced it often that there might come a phase of delirium after or between those productive phases. With delirium I mean something which feels like the state you are in when you want to sleep but you can but you are somehow caught in between dreaming and wake thinking. So that really thinking is only bringing foreword rubbish. Feels like the brain is producing like fragments of thoughts which other parts of the mind can not understand. I realized music can solve this by bringing the focus to something else. But this is not the idea of silence right?

Maybe I should also mention that I dont use Weed or anything else during the experience which might make everything smoother. I want to keep it pure. Can it be that at the point when this happens I am simply to exhausted so that parts of me already went to bed. Am I closing myself to the experience? Is this something I can learn to handle better?

What are your experiences with those strange states in silence? Your description strikes a chord with me. It's much the same for me. However amongst the jumble of fragmented thoughts, amongst all that mind chaos, emerge one or two absolute pearls, which I bring back to reality with me.

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As the experience dampens down, the pearls, or important realisations, whatever you want to call them, remain in the forefront of my mind, and I give them plenty of thought. These pearls are the whole point of undergoing the experience, for me. So yes, plenty of jumbled, chaotic stuff, out of which rise one or two great themes or thoughts, usually pertaining to what I need to improve on in my life.

On a side note, for me,, music with words is very distracting, while music without words can provide direction to the chaotic thoughts.

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Does this happen at the third hour or at the sixth? In my experiences in silence I do recognize this as a common ocurrence, but I dont try to work through it and just enjoy it least the confusion is too much to be enjoyed! If you and I are speaking of the same thing I believe that this phase in the psychedelic experience is the disolution of the ego What is the idea of silence?

I dont think it carries an idea. One can be listening to music, turn it off, now one is listening to the silence.

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The brain just points attention, the intensity of that attention has to do with the amount of peace the human has. Having said that of course silence and music are different and each has its magic. The very thought of you makes my heart sing Like an April breeze on the wings of spring And you appear in all your splendor My one and only love.