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This book is really written for people who are pretty good with SolidWorks, but want to know more about surfacing and complex shapes. There is a chapter devoted to splines, in addition to a chapter just on general sketching for surfaces and shapes, and a further chapter on curve features.

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There is some overlap between this book and the Bible, but this book is definitely more involved. I have recently purchased a digital copy of your surfacing book through Wiley. Wiley does not seem to have any straight-forward way of contacting them regarding this either. Just wondering if an updated version of your Surfacing book is in the works and when the release date would be. Is the new book on the way? Thicken is sometimes finniky because the solidworks surface has tiny irregulaities, tits and curls tend to appear near corners, edges and singular points.

Sometimes the trimmed surfaces have gaps. Thicken should do something reasonable for corners and creases, but then it would not match the overall bug density of The rest of Solidworks. We all have regrets in life, and I certainly regret not buying your Surfacing Bible when it was issued. But your Surfacing Bible has surpased gold in appreciation. Who would have thought that????? Better yet, please do the new Porsche for us. And the surfaces are way more extreme than on the Carrera GT. I hate not being able to help people, but with the rules as they are, I would cause myself a lot of trouble to send you one.

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Not sure what to tell you. Very sorry. Sometimes solidworks surfaces can have microscopic tits, curls at edges or gaps.

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Use curvature to see the suggestion of an unexpected curl. Corners of three sided boundary surfaces are troublesome. I try to use only 4 sided surfaces. Shell seems to be more robust than thicken, but the knit to form a solid can be difficult. I am designing a new airplane. The suraces are beautiful, and continuous. I use an add in GW3D from cadcamcomponents. The conic surface is fantastic. It is conics everywhere and has nice tangency control at the guide curves.

Realview environmental reflections show the shapes beautifully. These surfaces seem to knit and thicken more reliably than boundary surfaces. Trim surfaces are my nemesis with surface modeling, one trim flip and most of the feature tree vanishes.

My publisher, however, seems only to be concerned with volume. I think I sold 10k in 3 or 4 years.

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I think the solution is to write a new book. Matt Any chance of this going back into print.

I really need a copy but the used ones are so expensive. Best Regards Stevan. Do you know where I can get a print copy of this book?

Solidworks surfacing and complex shape modeling bible / Matt Lombard.

Is there a new edition of this book coming out soon? Hi Matt, I purchased the surfacing book along with Solidworks Bible a couple of years back. I have just got round to working through them. I had been using the software for around 5 years and I guess like most people I had developed a level of skills that met my requirements. I realized the software could do a lot more and I wanted to learn how.

I can honestly say your books have been a revelation to me, I have benefited a lot from working through the tutorials and examples that come with the books and DVD. Jess No, there is no new version. If I do start a new version, it will probably be no less than 6 months from the time I start until publication. The differences will be mainly in spline control, more info on the Boundary surface, and more examples.

I will probably also give less credit to the Fill surface feature. And some interface differences. Oh, and a new cover. I have something cool planned for the cover if the book ever gets off the ground. I use the sketch picture functionality in several examples. I spend several pages in one chapter actually explaining it. It is a method that is used frequently in the book. Excellent and superb. Just want to know about playing with tutorials. I have been working on Fluorescent blub tutorial for last week. Some how bit struck on 3D skectch step where you used Spline.

Is there any pictorial understandng of that protion? Hi Matt. It really helped me getting into surface modelling in a very good way. Ive just ordered your Admin bible, which i look forward to get into! Is there a sustantial differences among Solidworks Bible versus Solidworks Parts and Solidworks Assemblies I have the Bible and I will like to get the new only if they have differents excersises and samples I use SW and I am a Fan of your books.

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  8. Victor, there will be some new videos available in the new books, along with some new chapters. The Parts book will not be available until the end of April, and Assemblies will not be available until at least 2 months later. In many respects for users already familiar with SW or other systems these books are better than a VAR training course. Looking forward to the versions — already made the space on my bookshelf alongside the and and surfacing versions. The downloads for Chap 18 do not have a start part for the bottle: ch18bottlestart.

    Tyler Flaky software. It is the c2 end conditions failing. After that fails, the fill surfaces lose all their selected edges, and a fillet selected edge changes to a tangent edge. The first loft feature in Ch 17 plastic frame is not working. You'll learn how to apply concepts, utilize tools, and combine techniques and strategies in hands-on tutorials. This Bible covers the range from sketching splines and shelling to modeling blends and decorative features.

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