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"The Quarterback" is the third episode of the fifth season of the American musical television The episode features the death of character Finn Hudson, and a tribute to Finn and to actor Cory . Cory Monteith, who played Finn, was set to return to Glee for the fifth season after having missed the last few episodes of the fourth.
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Norwegian dude checking in. Norway, Denmark or otherwise.

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A millitary alliance was briefly considered in the late 40's. But Denmark and Norway joined the NATO and did not wish any more commintment, while Finland was pressed to remain in a semi-Russian sphere of influence. Sweden as far as I can see relies on its long standing neutrality to remain out of conflict. The language in that is neither binding or concrete.

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While it is true that the nordic countries would offer "solidarity" to each other if one of them were attacked the only Nordic countries bound to help each other out in case of war are Denmark and Norway who are bound by article 5 of the NATO treaty. It's just pretty words that foreign ministers say to each other in times of peace. It's more or less as useless as any other none binding "treaty" and declaration nations agree upon.

It was refreshing to see someone polite discussing politics. It was a pleasure. He didn't say they had military alliances. He said they had close relationships.

There is a difference. They don't need to foster allies, the fact is that if they're invaded the U.

Yeah, just like the US is helping out the Ukraine right now. Don't expect the US military to bail you out of all of your problems, a country needs to pull its own weight when it comes to its defense. I agree but one thing: the difference between "semi-soviet" Ukraine and Sweden is massive on a diplomacy level.

Hell they'll even go to war for Finland which has to fall first to make any sense in invading Sweden. I wholeheartedly agree, it just seemed like a good time to make a joke regarding Team America. Honestly, I would love for the military to intervene in the Ukraine. Unfortunately, all the government wants to know is what they're getting out of helping a country. Is it so wrong to go out and defend a country just for the sake of protecting innocent lives?

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That's a hard issue, though, because the potential loss of life from direct intervention outweighs the benefits. I know it wouldn't start WW3, another World War cannot happen due to the wonders of a global economic balance, but the fact remains that it could get pretty bad for a time. I definitely think help should be given, but until that help can come by everyone just shaking hands, saying they're sorry, and heading home, I doubt it'll happen.

John Boyega Won’t Reprise Finn After ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,’ or So He Thinks

The fact of the matter is, if shaking hands was working in this situation, there wouldn't be Russian armed forces heading for Ukraine. I don't want a battle, I just want boots on the ground in Ukraine to say "This is not going to happen. If it were ANY country other than Russia, it would, but Russia is one of very few nations that could actually give the U.

That said, this would be an excellent place to go public about successes with that whole super-soldier program DARPA's been talking about for years. Yeah, that is indeed the problem. May just be my wide-eyed idealism and optimism, but I just always had hoped that the fear of defeat wouldn't stop my country from doing what is right.

What a fuckin' world we live in. Imagine it thus: We engage Russia, and logically after a long fought battle the U.


Now any given number of nations held in check by our watchful eye might be bold enough to cause global catastrophe. Alternatively, though the less likely of the two, Russia wins, and then the same problem is in place, while Russia heads these 'evil' nations. The fear of a conflict growing beyond necessary borders is what scares people, not the fear of conflict itself.

Swiss guy reporting in. Yeah, males have to join the military once they're However, nowadays there's a choice to do civil duty instead of the recruit school and the temporary service. It's pretty much a recruit school around 4 months in a sort of drill camp and after that a repeated service once a year for around 20 days, you have to do that till you're around 22 I think. Yet these new plot details indicate that the similarities may run deeper than that.

Then again, Han had to settle a debt with Jabba the Hutt; it seems that Finn wants to leave mainly because things got way too real in the last movie, between Han getting killed by his son, Kylo Ren, and his own injury from a lightsaber attack. Director Rian Johnson has also assured E. By its very nature, there are some structural parallels. For those who need a refresher: Luke spent a good portion of Empire training with Yoda on Dagobah, after that very cold night inside a tauntaun.

So maybe it is just like Vegas. By Joanna Robinson. By Yohana Desta.

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